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Episode 3: Evan Phoenix on Rubinius

I recently talked with Evan Phoenix about the Rubinius project. Rubinius is an alternate implementation of Ruby using many of the implementation approaches used by Smalltalk. Rubinius has the eventual goal of being self-hosting; or writing Ruby in Ruby.

Listen as Evan describes how Rubinius started as:

There's this thing, it seems kinda cool. Wow, I typed it in, but I don't really know where it is going.

And eventually grew to:

It could replace MRI.

Thanks again to Evan for talking with me. I really enjoyed our conversation.

Additional Interviews

You can watch Evan at the MountainWest RubyConf on the Ruby Implementers Panel from earlier this year. And you will soon be able to see his mid-morning "keynote" at this year's RubyConf where he discusses Rubinius.

Here are some additional interviews about Rubinius from Pat Eyler:

Recorded on 08 Nov 2007 and published on 09 Nov 2007.




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