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Episode 2: Scott Bellware on Microsoft and Ruby

Scott Bellware is a senior architect, prolific blogger, and a Microsoft MVP. He routinely travels the country teaching developers how to improve software quality and the developer experience by applying Agile practices. He is also the founder of the ALT.NET Conference focused on Open Source and Agile/XP within .NET.

Scott was kind enough to take sometime to speak with me about Ruby's influence on him, his company, the .NET community and Microsoft. He has recently gained attention in the .NET community for blogging about his transition away from ASP.NET and towards Ruby on Rails. In out discussion he offers an intriguing glimpse into the inner workings of the .NET community and developer's relationship with Microsoft.

I'd like to thank Scott for talking with me and being patient while I took my own sweet time getting the podcast ready. I very much enjoyed talking with him and look forward to attending the ALT.NET conference.

Recorded on 21 Aug 2007 and published on 17 Sep 2007.




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