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Episode 1: John Lam on Ironruby

John Lam was gracious enough to take an hour and talk on the phone with me about the IronRuby, the DLR, and Silverlight. In this episode we cover some of the following topics:

  1. Differences between IronRuby and Matz’ Ruby/MRI
  2. RubyGems
  3. Community contributions
  4. Continuations/ObjectSpace
  5. RubySpec
  6. Singleton/Eigenclass on top of the DLR
  7. Interpreted vs. Compiled
  8. IDEs
  9. Rails Compatibility
  10. IActiveScriptHost and PowerShell

Thanks again to John for discussing IronRuby. I look forward to getting my hands on the IronRuby bits on July 28th. Especially after Scott Hanselman refused to let me take the IronRuby bits at RailsConf! ;)

Additional Interviews

You can hear more about what John has to say about IronRuby here:

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  2. A conversation with John Lam about the dynamic language runtime, Silverlight, and Ruby
  3. ruby for .net and an interview with john lam
  4. Talking Ruby and Dynamic Language Support with John Lam

Recorded on 15 May 2007 and published on 01 Jun 2007.




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